electric kettle with temperature control

It’s a Kettle

I was given this by my husband as a present. I’d prefer flowers or a nice romantic meal at my favorite restaurant. But he sees the world in terms of useful gadgets. So I have to pretend to be impressed.

kettleSo, my latest gift was a kettle. I found that quite hard to get excited about and I think he spotted it as well. Then he explained that this was no ordinary kettle. I perked up bit then. “It’s a variable temperature kettle” I was waiting for a bit more information but it never came.

He then explained that I could use it to set the temperature of the water I was heating to anything I liked. Not just boiling it all the time. “I didn’t know if need one”, I said.

I’m a Tea Drinker

tea potThen he said “you drink a lot of herbal tea, don’t you?” Then I got it green tea is not supposed to be made with boiling water. And getting the temperature just right is hit and miss. Unless you have a thermometer. And who’s going to go to all that bother when you just want a simple cup of tea.

So it was actually a useful present.full marks to my husband then. But is it any good?

Well I have say that to my surprise it’s is very good. Take a look them here http://variabletemperaturekettles.com You set the temperature you want within 5 degree increments and that’s what the kettle delivers.

Something Useful

Something really useful is the kettle’s ability, my one can at least, to keep the water at that temperature I set for twenty minutes. So if you’re called away as the kettle warms up or you just want another drink then you’re ready to go. Very clever.

85 degrees centigrade is the best temperature for my jasmine tea. Always remembering to warm the pot or the cup first.

It definitely makes the tea taste better. So an temperature control kettle really is a nice present after all.

home water softener Systems

New HouseNew House

We moved into a new house 15 months ago. We did the usual painting and DIY to get everything the way we want it and it was important to get it right just before Christmas, which we did.

One of the things that our new house had, and which I didn’t pay much attention to, was that it has a water softener system installed under the sink. The previous owner explained it all to my husband who was interested in that sort of thing. And as I said I never took much notice, until…

hardIt went Hard

We were in living in the house for a few months and something about the water changed. I couldn’t put my finger on it but it felt different especially when I took a bath or a shower. And I particularly noticed it when I washed my hair.

It’s hard to explain but the water felt less wet, I imagined. I didn’t say anything, I just used more soap and shampoo on my hair. It wasn’t the same though.

SoftIt went Soft Again

Then all of a sudden it went back to the way it was. All nice and soft and foamy, after washing I felt clean. My hair definitely felt better and became easier to brush. This time I did mentioned it to my husband…

“I put a block of salt into the water softening system”, he said. Then he explained to me how it worked and what the salt did. Now I understand, the home water softener makes the water softer. I suppose it’s obvious really but I had to experience it first to get it.

How to make Water Soft

I thoroughly recommend getting one, if you have hard water in your home. I did some research and found this site that has the ones we have home water softener You’ll be so pleased. It really does makes such a difference.

I’m told it helps with the dishwasher and washing machine. But all those technical things are beyond me I’m afraid.

what happens in a washing machine


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